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    How to Demolish Your Fears and Operate in Faith

    Ladies welcome to the final Real Talk Health Awareness Series Episode Three! In this  Real Talk episode, I sit down with my dear friend, Tyana Singletary! During the segment,  she shares how she stood behind the scenes for years and allowed people to hold captive of her thoughts, her dreams, and her mindset until she made the decision to  say  “Enough is enough!”  In addition, she provides effective strategies she used to demolish physical fears by competing in a bodybuilding competition and ultimately launching her own body essentials product line! Remember ladies: It’s all about progression over perfection. Catch up on other health awareness-related messages here: How to Live an…

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    How to Live an Authentic Christian Life

    Ladies welcome to the Real Talk Health Awareness Series Episode Two! This week our focus is on… drumroll, please…..🥁🥁🥁 Spiritual Health! Oh yeah, we’re going there! In this  Real Talk episode, I sit down with my dear friend and mentor, Coach Gentry.  During our discussion, Coach Gentry dishes out the secret to managing an authentic relationship with Abba. No routines or rituals required! For years, you’ve asked: How do I build a deeper relationship with God? What do I need to do to please Him? Well, sis if this is you, the answer to your burning questions are answered in this dynamic duo! Remember ladies: It’s all about an authentic…

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    How to Get Your Mind Right and Track Your Mental Health

    Ladies welcome to the Real Talk Health Awareness Series!  This month, our focus is all about health and how it benefits you.  I’m sure you are cringing just reading the word health because it’s something you like to avoid. I know I do 😉 But, before hopping to another link,  know I’m here to help and I have some phenomenal speakers to back me up! Throughout this series, we won’t just discuss one health issue, but we’ll tackle physical, spiritual, mental, and nutritional health too. To jumpstart this series, this week, we’ll harper on mental health. In this  Real Talk episode, I sit down with my close friend Stautcia Singletary. …

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    No More Excuses Sis! It’s Time to Bring Your Vision To Life!

    Are you ready to move forward and bring your vision to life? Well, first thing is first you must STOP the excuses. You know what I’m talking about: “Oh, it’s too late, I’ll do it tomorrow.” 🤷‍♀️ “Is anyone REALLY going to look at this?” 🙄 “Is it God, me, or the devil? (Hmmm 🤔Well, whoever it is I’m just not going to respond)”  Sis, if that sounds like you welcome home because we’ve been there done that and we have a cure for those excuses. In this episode, the founder of Soul Care Naturals, Krystal Haynes shares insight on how she managed to bring her vision back to life…

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    Real Talk Episode: Activate Your Vision

    Do you have a vision you’re ready to see manifest? Well sis I’m here to share with you God has done His part, the ball is now in your court and it’s time for you to take action! In this Real Talk episode, I sit down with my great friend Amber Dortch who gives insight on how to do just that– activate your vision. Remember ladies: It’s all about letting go of your fear and falling into your purpose! Real Talk Episode: Activate Your Vision Check out related articles that will help you activate your vision: Revelation: A Season of Activation Your Time is Now! It’s Time to ACT Revelation:…