Are You Ready to Extend Your Stretch with God?

Are you ready? On your mark…get set… GO! Learn how I took on the long stretch with God and how you can too! Remember you are more prepared than you think you are! 

Cool breeze kisses my face ever so lightly as I venture down a path of the unknowing.

People around me chat in small groups while others walk their dogs. 

Inhaling deeply, I smile and take in the moment of serenity. I then wonder, “Lord, why can’t ALL moments be like this— peaceful with NO problems?”

As I continue to walk, I envision  God looking  at me with a sly grin responding, “Oh Erica, I could do that, but what fun would that be?”

Tilting my head while looking at Him, I can’t help but agree.

And, I’m sure you can’t but agree too.

Let’s face it; our lives would be boring if no action took place, and we would operate like robots with no purpose roaming the Earth.

Sis, that’s the ultimate reason I said yes to God.

The Real Reason

I was tired of running around the same hamster wheel, never catching a break, hanging around the same crew that didn’t align to my purpose nor His call on my life.    

Now, I will admit this journey wasn’t easy then and sure isn’t easy now. However, I can say He’s been preparing me all along.

He equips me for every trial I face. 

Protects me from the fiery darts the enemy throws my way.

He reveals things to me that will come.

Just like me, if you’ve decided to say yes, He has a set of tools just for you to fight with when the enemy comes your way.

Reflect and Journal

Take a moment to reflect on the trials you’ve experienced. Write them out. While reflecting on these moments, acknowledge how they were challenging, but share how God saw you through them. Once you complete the task, share it with a loved one, a close friend, or someone you don’t know. You now have a testimony to share, a story to tell.

Hi friend! Did you enjoy this message? Comment below your main takeaway and how you plan to implement it this season. I’d love to hear from you!