Waddling in Weeds: My Life Changing Story

“I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this, but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got nothin’ to do.”-Smokey from Friday

If you’re a 90s movie fan, I’m sure you remember the iconic line above.

I know I did because in 2012 it was the EXACT line that played in my mind right before I inhaled my first joint.

Thirty minutes later, I was in the cafe whispering my order to the food server perplexed because of the activity I’d just participated in.

To make matters worst, “Love” by Kirk Franklin was the song of choice playing in the background.

Talk about awkward.

Nevertheless, as time moved on, I became comfortable with my mischievous way of living. I was FINALLY a part of the “in” crowd. 

But, just like everything in life, that time in my life had to come to an end once I said yes to God.

Now, did that transformation happen overnight?

Not at all because when I made that clear consequence decision years later to follow God wholeheartedly, the devil came to deter me from  God’s plan. And in all honesty, I fell right into his trap.

Old habits and doubtful thoughts came to mind right after God provided me with new revelations.  It took some time but sure enough, once I realized the enemy’s devious plan, I began to fight back.

Now let’s talk about you…

Have you been there before? Are you there now? If so, I want you to know you’re not alone.

I’d gotten to a point in life where I was ready to slice off ears and walk on water just like Peter did for Jesus. However, I wasn’t aware of the battles I’d face once I said, yes to God. I didn’t know I’d experience spiritual and physical attacks by simply declaring the name of Jesus.

Even now, life is NOT AT ALL what I expected it to be but one thing is for sure, God has matured me. And I know if He has matured me He is doing the same for you!

You see, that is why it is important to remember the authority God has given you once you say, Yes.

Jesus explains to us in Luke 10 verse 19 that He has provided us with  AUTHORITY over every and any scheme attempted by the enemy.  This means anything the enemy tries to push towards you, you have the authority to push it back and declare “NOT TODAY SATAN.” Now, don’t get it twisted, the enemy is conniving and very deceitful, so he’s not going to leave without a fight.

Your emotions,  thoughts, and feelings will try to sike you out, and if you’re not careful they’ll win.

However, as daughters of the most high, our Father has blessed us with a source so strong known as the Holy Spirit. By partnering with the Holy Spirit the devil has NO power over you.


So, as you continue to run this race with God I want you to know life will not always be easy, but with God He’ll make all things possible. Remember it’s the come up season, He has great things in store.


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2 thoughts on “Waddling in Weeds: My Life Changing Story”

  1. Very nice ! I needed this. Very often we have the zeal and passion but lack the maturity and trust in God to endure and know that we will win!