True Life Tuesday

When Spirit meets Soulmate

Happy Tuesday beautiful people! How are you? I’m sure by my cheesy smile you can tell I’m super excited, and if you know me well you probably know why. It is because autumn is FINALLY here! Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, tan scarfs and thin sweaters here I come! The vibes of this season always tend …

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The Secret Source Inside of You!

What’s up beautiful people?! Happy Tuesday and HELLOOOO Spring Break! My God it’s finally here! >>>> Side note: Mentioned in The Uncomfortable Truth , as a first grade teacher assistant always on the move, hopping around with 6 and 7-year-old know-it-alls, this week is truly a blessing. No classroom, no kids, no clock. Just me, …

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A Sprinkle of Hope

Have you had your coming to Jesus moment yet? You know the time you decide you’re going to be “real” with God forreal forreal? Although you’ve already given your life to God by repeating the sinner’s prayer, you feel this sudden nudge in your body to announce to God you’re serious this time.  If you …

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