How to Demolish Your Fears and Operate in Faith

Ladies welcome to the final Real Talk Health Awareness Series Episode Three!

In this  Real Talk episode, I sit down with my dear friend, Tyana Singletary! During the segment,  she shares how she stood behind the scenes for years and allowed people to hold captive of her thoughts, her dreams, and her mindset until she made the decision to  say  “Enough is enough!” 

In addition, she provides effective strategies she used to demolish physical fears by competing in a bodybuilding competition and ultimately launching her own body essentials product line!

Remember ladies: It’s all about progression over perfection.

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Meet Tyana Singletary

Tyana founder of Beautee Bath and Body is a research scientist madly in love with making a difference in people’s lives one natural product at a time.

BeUTee Bath and Body was born as both a way to share my creations with all of my friends and as a means to institute social change in my community! At BeUTee Bath and Body, “we don’t just make products, we make a difference”

If you’re ready to better your physical, natural, and nutritional health, reach out to Tyana today!

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2 thoughts on “How to Demolish Your Fears and Operate in Faith”

  1. Gabriel Tucker

    Another solid post/vid… I loved the 3 Key points she gave at the end… God Bless you both*