Life Lessons

The best way to find out how to navigate life is through life lessons.  Check out how God helps me through various situations, highs and lowers here:

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    5 Simple Steps to Get W.I.R.E.D About Your Vision

    Looking outside of the small rectangular window high above the sky, a sly grin spreads across my face. I can’t believe my once vision to travel to Louisiana was now a reality. And, you know what? It only took six months to come to pass! Let’s backtrack… In February 2021 (after procrastinating long enough ) I created a vision board. Daily, I declared (and still do) my affirmations, my desires and dreams through prayer,  chats with Abba, and a simple glance at the board. Now, let’s be real… We all know, this world has gone mad because of Rona and its long-lost sister Delta. Masks are being forced to wear…

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    Enough is Enough, Sis!

    Have you ever seen the movie, Enough with star actress Jennifer Lopez? In this thrilling drama, Lopez plays the role of Slim, a working-class waitress, and wife to a wealthy contractor, Mitch Hiller. Sim’s life, from the outside looking in, is every women’s desire. A man who provides all her needs and wants.  However, when Mitch becomes abusive and their child witnesses his foul behavior, Sim escapes in order to save their lives. Now, let’s switch the script. If you were in Slim’s shoes, (BE HONEST) what would you do? a.) Stay and become complacent with your life b.) Runaway and start a new life with a new name c.)…

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    Finish What You Started

    Do you recall your favorite pair of shoes growing up? While many rocked Nike Air Force Ones, I was a Converse kid, and my favorite pair were my yellow and blue All-Star Converse. I was twelve years old when I first laid my hands on the light yellow and blue high-tops. They were just my size, unique, and just like me. Whenever I walked down the hallway with my fresh kicks, I just knew I was the best thing since sliced bread. When friends complimented me on my shoes, all thirty-two of my teeth were on display( and if you know me, I’m not one to smile with my teeth…

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    7 Simple Steps to Help You Push Forward When You Want to Give Up

    Well, I’ve finally made it. Slight headache and all. The good news is I’m here and God receives ALL of the glory for that. Ladies, can I be honest? I didn’t plan to post tonight. My plan was to make up some bogus excuse as to why I wouldn’t be able to and simply wait until tomorrow, but this time I made the decision to say no. Last week I was encouraging you all to have no more excuses and bring your vision to life, yet here I was about to make an excuse myself. Talk about practicing what I preach. In a nutshell, this week has been far from…

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    Revitalizing My Journey to Refresh

    Businesses, marketing, services, oh my! If someone were to tell me I’d be doing all of these things and more, five years ago I would have looked at them and said, “You’ve lost your ever-loving mind.” I then would have eased in the phrase we all love, ” The devil is a lie” and mosied on my merry way. You see, for those unaware, I’ve been blogging since 2016. My first blog was known as“Christians in College,” which led to “REFRESH Magazine” and now I’m here on “My Journey to REFRESH”. During my transitions, I experienced severe doubt. I doubted my work not being good enough. I was envious of…