You ARE NOT the Father!

Do you recall watching The Maury Show growing up? What about The Jerry Springer Show? If so, I’m sure one of your favorite lines were:

“You ARE NOT the Father.”

I know mine was!

On Maury, a woman would gracefully walk off stage or have a full-blown tantrum, while the man would get his two-step on because of the wonderful news.

On  the Jerry Springer Show, a woman would jump up and attack the woman who messed around with her husband and one of their wigs would be snatched off.

Back then, those shows provided me with great entertainment and pleasure.

However, I would have never imagined they would effect me spiritually since it has been years since I’ve watched them. 

And yes, you’ve read right SPIRITUALLY!

It’s amazing how our Father has a unique way to speak to each of us. One way He shares information with me is through TV shows and movie clips. Recently, during my quiet time with Him, He shared that line with me. Perplexed, I gave Him a side eye and wondered, “Abba what are you talking about.” 

Meditating on this line deeper, after a few minutes all I could do was chuckle and say, “Boy, am I happy not to be!”

Maturing in Christ

As we grow in Christ sometimes we feel like we must be in charge, everything must go right, and all of our duckies must be in a row. However, by sharing that line with me, He made it clear we are the children of the Great I AM and because of His greatness, we call Him Abba Father.

Simply put,

You are NOT the Father, God is. We are simply His children and He takes care of us.

To add on to the revelation  He shared with me, instead of worrying about things I have no control over, it’s  important that I give my struggles to Him and allow Him to take the lead. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, I encourage you to do the same. Most importantly give yourself grace ! For God gives you grace! No, you may not be where you want to be, but you are better than you use to be. Before you weren’t working on anything after work, now you’re striving to get the job done. Be grateful for humble beginnings for everything else will fall into place– and that’s a God promise!

Hey friend! Did you enjoy the message you’ve read? If so, share your comments below. What was your greatest takeaway? I can’t wait to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “You ARE NOT the Father!”

  1. Awesome post here*…. I liked your revelation of that “infamous line” to give understanding and clarity to our relationship with God… Very relatable and I loved when you wrote,” No, you may not be where you want to be, but you are better than you use to be.”…I ABSOLUTELY loved that!… Keep up the outstanding work**