What’s in Your Hands?

It’s wonderful how GOD speaks to us in the simplest ways and get our attention to move with HIM. We sometimes get frustrated in our situation and ask (beg) how long must we endure and when are things gonna change? We look up (as if God is in the ceiling) to say please change my situation. In one of my times of desperation,I cried out to God and He answered. Not in an audible voice but in a message. This message did not come from the depth of my heart but one that I heard and will share with you.
The Message:
God is always with you. You are not alone in any situation. Sometimes the things we go through are not there to hurt us(although it doesn’t feel real good at the time)the difficulties in our life forces us to Grow in HIM. We do not like difficulties and most times we are asking God to change our situation and His–What’s in your Hand?
Remember Moses? (Exodus 3:17) Like most of us, he didn’t know what to do either. God was telling Moses how he was going to deliver His people out of the hand of the Egyptians and bring them out from that land to a land flowing with milk and honey. God told Moses he wanted him to go to Pharaoh and get the job done.Moses was stunned.He didn’t know what to do and wanted to negotiate how he was not the man for the job and no one will listen to him anyway. God didn’t hear none of that and by the time we get to Exodus 4:2 God is asking Moses, What is in your Hand?
Moses said, “a rod”and God told him to throw it down and before his eyes that rod became a serpent at which Moses ran from it. (So much for bravery) God said to pick it up by the tail and when Moses did, it returned to a rod. God showed Moses that what he had in his hand was adequate and usable to do want is needed. What do you have in your hands as you’re crying to God. What is HE highlighting that you have to solve your situation? HE will help you.HE is so powerful. HE can change a stick into a serpent.
Remember the woman in II Kings 4:1, she needed help badly, her husband died leaving a humongous debt and the bill collectors where coming to take her sons for payment. She cried out to Elisha what was she going to do? Have you ever been desperate for a solution, at your wits end trying to figure it out? Are you trusting HIM, listen,HE is giving you a solution,What’s in Your Hand?
This is what Elisha said basically, he asked what hast thou in the house?What do you have? Do you think it’s too insignificant to matter? The lady said she didn’t have anything but a pot of oil.She was saying I don’t have anything to take care of the debt just a pot of oil. But don’t we say the same things as Moses and this lady? Are we full of fear and doubt that we cannot see What’s in our hand? I am no different than you I have struggled crying out also wondering where will my help come from.
The help is in YOUR HAND. Ask GOD to highlight what you have.With HIM,it will change your situation. This is what the woman had to do. Elisha told her to borrow vessels from all her neighbors and when she did, they pour the oil from her vessel into all the ones she borrowed and had enough to pay her debt. God is not short in helping you, in guiding you; HE is delighted to assist you in getting what you need accomplished. God does not want order takers or robots. HE wants Sons & Daughters that are willing to invite HIM in their lives and let HIM lead them to green pastures. The man of God told the woman to sell the oil and pay the debt and live, her and her children. Praise God!
About the Author: Clarence Hester is a pastor with Flaming Heart Ministries, who transforms lives with practical teachings from the Word of God. Through Flaming Hearts, his  goal is to renew the value of God in each person’s life, in each family and each community.

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