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The Essence of Entrepreneurship

You’ve made it! If you’re unaware, this month’s theme focuses on the essence of entrepreneurship. To jumpstart things, Abba Father laid the foundation by sharing a heartfelt message to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs the importance of taking action. The following week,  four brilliant entrepreneurs shared their stories to encourage individuals no matter what entrepreneurship stage they are in to continue to move forward because things will get better. Moving right along, I shared my own story on how I discovered my call to entrepreneurship back in 2015.

This evening, I would like to share with you five golden nuggets to keep you motivated when you want to give up as an entrepreneur.

But first, let me share with you how I discovered this phenomenal information.

Recently- as in two weeks before the new year hit- I attended the ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Summit. There, aspiring entrepreneurs, like myself, were able to shop over 50 Black-owned brands and receive tips from innovators and entrepreneurs on how to build, expand and brand our own businesses.

Celebrities T.I., Jermaine Dupri, Queen Latifah, Master P., just to name a few, were in attendance to enlighten us all.

During the Summit, I was highly inspired by Mia Ray, the fashion blogger of Confessions of A Glam-Aholic, Zakia Blain, founder of FBF Fitness, Nichole Lynel, the founder of Shop Nichole Lynel and Toya Wright, author and founder of Weight No More in two-panel discussions. The first discussion entitled, “The Business of Instagram” followed by, “A Mom-preneur’s Journey.”

It’s 2020, the new decade is here and it’s time to take on the essence of entrepreneurship! Here are 5 golden nuggets I received from four extraordinary women during the ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Summit held in Atlanta.

1. Consistency is Key

Consistency is key. Mia Ray, the fashion blogger of Confessions of A Glam-Aholic, says when launching a business it is important to like what you do. “Be consistent. Don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing, just do you.”

2. Remember Your Why

Don’t be bogged down by your business, remember your why. Zakia Blain, founder of FBF Fitness says you have to offer people something. [Ask yourself] why should people follow you. Zakia says, “That’s the biggest picture.
You either want to be entertaining, informative, motivational, [or] inspirational.”

3. Dominate Your Social Media

Take control of your social media platforms and tell your story. Do as Nichole Lynel, the founder of Shop Nichole Lynel says by”using your social media as your vision board.”

4. Build a Community

When starting a business keep in mind, you don’t have to do it alone! Zakia reminds use to put things into place and grant grace by giving our brothers and sisters a chance. “If you want to build your business, be consistent and give something to your community. Know who your community is and what it is they want from you.

5. Keep Pushing! Don’t Give Up!

Author and founder of Weight No More Toya Wright encourage business owners when times get hard never give up and keep pushing. “Nothing beats failure, but a try”, Toya says. ‘Partner with people. Get mentors. Go to networking events. Remember closed mouths don’t get fed.”

Did you enjoy the quotes above? Add them to your daily decree to turn your dream into your destiny!

Check out the live recording below!

The Essence of Entrepreneurship





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  1. Loving those 5 Steps…. ESPECIALLY 1. & 2….. it’s advice and tidbits like this that will keep you going, THANK YOU