The Come Up Season

In 2014, one Sunday morning, my life changed forever.

I was 21, single, heartbroken, and filled with daddy wounds. 

Yet, I wanted to be free. I didn’t want to spend another minute carrying traumas, past hurt, and stale relationships. I wanted to heal and the ONLY way I knew I could do so was if I gave myself away. So, I stood up with tears strolling down my face and stumbled my way to the altar. It was there I surrendered my life back to Christ.

Seven years later, I’m still pushing forward. But this time, Jesus Christ is leading the way.

Now, I wish I could tell you this journey has been smooth sailing with no issues at all, but I cannot. 

Life is still taking place with its crazy twist and turns, however, since I made the conscious decision to connect with God, my load is a lot lighter.  

Back in the day…

During the end of my junior year in college, God began to move and uproot people out of my life that was detrimental to my soul. Physically, it was a hard process because when I love, I love hard. However, God knew what He was doing and provided me with clear signs as to why certain relationships didn’t work out.   It wasn’t long after they left, God began to work in me and have me want nothing but Him.  By going through that experience, I finally decided to move forward and take God seriously. In return, He made room for new people to enter into my life who uplifted and encouraged me in my flaws and all. He allowed me to seek His Word for myself and truly discover His plan and purpose for my life.

If you are on the fence about your relationship with God, yet you feel an urge to take it to the next level you are likely experiencing the come-up season.

It’s Time to Come Up, Sis 

Simply put, the come-up season is a moment in your life when you make the conscious decision to take God seriously. No longer do you want to sit on the sidelines and see everyone get blessed around you, but you want to become a part of the family. You want to see and find out what ALL the hype is about and why so many people believe, trust, and follow Him.

I will say this decision is life-changing and will cause a huge shift in your life. Nevertheless, if you are ready to move deeper in Christ and see ALL He has for you, take on this season wholeheartedly because your breakthrough will come.

Below are four things you can do to move forward during your come up season:

  • Surrender Yourself to God

By surrendering your life to God you make the bold decision to believe and state aloud that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and rose again on the third day. Romans  10:9-10

  • Seek God for Yourself

If you’re like me and grew up in the church, it is very easy to become complacent with God. It is easy to follow set routines and patterns. Nevertheless, as you grow, He wants you to step out of normality and flow with HIm. This means it’s time to take things a little further and seek God for yourself. Write out things you don’t understand in the Bible. Cry out to God what is hurting your heart. As you begin to open up to Him He will pour out His love to you!  

  • Connect with like-minded people

As you began to grow in Christ allow Him to connect you with like-minded people. Ask Him to bring people in your life who will accept you for who you are and not judge you by your past. 

  • Give Yourself Grace

You’ve made a HUGE decision to follow God. But, let’s be honest– our flesh is weak and we are human. So, mistakes will happen. Issues will arise and doubt will come, but our God is STILL faithful and He cares for us. That is why it is important to give yourself grace because God gives you grace. 

This process is no stroll in the park, but if you truly give your ALL to God I promise you HE will not fail you.

Hi friend! Did you enjoy this message? Comment below your main takeaway and how you plan to implement it in this season. I’d love to hear from you! Also, are you ready to take your relationship to the next level with God click here to get started!


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