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    The Key to Understand the Word of God

    Are you calling out to Father God, but feel like you are not receiving a response? Instead of giving up it’s time to dig deeper and find out the key to understand the Word of God.  Do you recall your school days, waiting for the final bell to ring? Your Friday evening would already be set and your weekend plans were good to go.  With backpack intact and your eyes glued to the clock, in just a few seconds you would be free. Suddenly, your English teacher would state,”…Oh yes! Before I forget, I want a report on the book we’ve been discussing in class. It will be due this…

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    Have You Discovered Your Call to Entrepreneurship?

    Have you discovered your call to entrepreneurship? Do you remember the age you were when God began to reveal to you bits and pieces of your God-given talent? I recall being around 9-years-old. What differentiated me from my peers was my love for reading and my passion to write. As time moved on, I grew older and my talent began to evolve. In 2015 God revealed His purpose and plan for my life, which ultimately helped me discover my call to entrepreneurship.  My Call to Entrepreneurship You see, I made my request earlier that year and about a week later, I went on a 21- day fast. I called it…