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    Are You REALLY Ready For Love?

    Are you in a relationship? Do you feel stuck? It is time to seek God and ask Him what to do. Once you receive your response the real question becomes: Am I Really Ready For Love? L.O.V.E, a four-letter word with much meaning, yet, is used too loosely. The word has become second nature and is used for everything. Prime example–Valentine’s Day. Now, before you judge me, just think about it. While women look forward to the holiday, most men do not–well except if they are single. Let’s be honest: ladies to receive a gift from a guy your heart leaps for joy. Men, just to walk around with a…

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    “I Do”, “I Don’t” , “Ummm…Maybe?”🙄

    Do you have a desire to get married? Are you constantly praying for a special someone to waltz into your life, pop the question and take you to a land of no tomorrow? I believe we all do. We all want that special someone to hear what we have to say, take it into consideration and provide us with solid advice. We all want that special someone who will take us for who we are and accept us on our days of good, bad and ugly. Although that special someone is out there for each and every one of us, in God’s timing, I believe it is important to prepare…

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    18 Lessons I Learned in 2018 Part 1

    Happy New Year beautiful people! 2019 has finally arrived and boy am I excited to see what God has in store! Essentially what l had in mind before writing this post was to share with you great ways to set up obtainable new year’s resolutions. However, as I began to think about how I would structure my post, the year of 2018 flashed before my eyes and immediately I began to write. I couldn’t help, but recall ALL God had brought me through during that year and those seasons in my life. From losing loved ones to broken relationships to new friendships, I couldn’t help but give praise to our…