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    Real Talk

    Have You Discovered Your Call to Entrepreneurship?

    Have you discovered your call to entrepreneurship? Do you remember the age you were when God began to reveal to you bits and pieces of your God-given talent? I recall being around 9-years-old. What differentiated me from my peers was my love for reading and my passion to write. As time moved on, I grew older and my talent began to evolve. In 2015 God revealed His purpose and plan for my life, which ultimately helped me discover my call to entrepreneurship.  My Call to Entrepreneurship You see, I made my request earlier that year and about a week later, I went on a 21- day fast. I called it…

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    Let Go and Let God Handle It

    Have you ever slept with a lot on your mind, hoping when you woke up everything would be okay? How did you feel? More often than not, your issue was still staring back at you. If anything, you felt worse because time had passed and yet you still had no answer.   Listen, I’ve been there.   I would cry my eyeballs out escalating my issue to Abba (Our Father God) in hopes that after I let it all out, once I arose from my deep sleep, the issue would have been dealt with right then and there. Unfortunately, it didn’t work like that. If anything, I’d wake up and…

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    Christians Need Counseling Too!

    “How are you?”  When was the last time somebody asked you this question?  Do you remember your response? If you are like me, your immediate response is usually, “I’m fine”. Yet, the real question for us all is, are we really just fine?   This year that question, roamed my thoughts heatedly. I needed answers. Curious about what I could observe about myself, I  began to pinpoint my reactions to different situations which included sudden outburst to people who genuinely cared for me, anxiety attacks and the feeling of failure. It was clear  I was not really okay. However, despite being aware of my reactions, I let religion take control.  I…

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    “I Do”, “I Don’t” , “Ummm…Maybe?”🙄

    Do you have a desire to get married? Are you constantly praying for a special someone to waltz into your life, pop the question and take you to a land of no tomorrow? I believe we all do. We all want that special someone to hear what we have to say, take it into consideration and provide us with solid advice. We all want that special someone who will take us for who we are and accept us on our days of good, bad and ugly. Although that special someone is out there for each and every one of us, in God’s timing, I believe it is important to prepare…

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    Late Nights and Early Mornings with Abba Father

    One night, shifting in my sleep, I arise by the flickering firelight beaming brightly from the candle which lay loosely on my nightstand. Blowing out my candle, I glance at my phone screen to see it’s only 4 o’clock in the morning. I have a good three hours left before my daily alarm rings to jump-start my day. A sleek smile spread across my face as I snuggle deep under my covers and close my eyes. Five seconds later, they open again with my phone in hand strolling down the History page on my YouTube channel. Suddenly, the thought of “Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural” comes to mind and I am…