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    How To Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Jessica Starks

    Dreams don’t only come true in Disney movies. They can come true in your everyday life! Find out how to turn your dreams into reality with Jessica Starks. Can you believe we have only one more week left in this month? Time is not waiting around, so I hope you aren’t either. In fact, it’s time to turn things up a notch and make every day count.  In the first Real Talk episode, I sit down with my close friend Jessica Starks who shares secret tips on how to make your written dream a reality. How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Jessica Starks Catch up on other entrepreneurial…

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    The Essence of Entrepreneurship

    You’ve made it! If you’re unaware, this month’s theme focuses on the essence of entrepreneurship. To jumpstart things, Abba Father laid the foundation by sharing a heartfelt message to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs the importance of taking action. The following week,  four brilliant entrepreneurs shared their stories to encourage individuals no matter what entrepreneurship stage they are in to continue to move forward because things will get better. Moving right along, I shared my own story on how I discovered my call to entrepreneurship back in 2015. This evening, I would like to share with you five golden nuggets to keep you motivated when you want to give up as an…

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    Real Talk

    Have You Discovered Your Call to Entrepreneurship?

    Have you discovered your call to entrepreneurship? Do you remember the age you were when God began to reveal to you bits and pieces of your God-given talent? I recall being around 9-years-old. What differentiated me from my peers was my love for reading and my passion to write. As time moved on, I grew older and my talent began to evolve. In 2015 God revealed His purpose and plan for my life, which ultimately helped me discover my call to entrepreneurship.  My Call to Entrepreneurship You see, I made my request earlier that year and about a week later, I went on a 21- day fast. I called it…

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    3 Brilliant Business Owners Share Their ‘Journey to Success’ Stories

    Did you know there are more than 582 million people in the world in the process of starting or running their own business?  Like many business owners, they start from scratch and turn to the internet for business-related advice and instruction. However, the entrepreneurs I share with you this evening decided to go a different route by following the vision they received from God. Are you ready to be next? If you are pursuing an entrepreneurship lifestyle but unsure how to begin, find out how these four brilliant entrepreneurs found the missing piece to their puzzle and turned their dreams into realities.  1. When your childhood and previous jobs become…

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    Dear Aspiring Entrepreneurs

    Last Tuesday, do you remember getting together with friends and family, prepping your outfit for a night of flashing lights and fireworks? New Year’s Eve was here and we were all anticipating the visionary year of 2020. For some, many were ready to say goodbye to 2019 because of its horrific memories and tedious obstacles. Others experienced hints of melancholy because the best year of their life was coming to a close. Once the clock struck 12 it was a wrap. The New Year had arrived and we were entering into a new decade. As I began to mumble off my list to God once again of what I wanted…