Revitalizing My Journey to Refresh

Businesses, marketing, services, oh my! If someone were to tell me I’d be doing all of these things and more, five years ago I would have looked at them and said, “You’ve lost your ever-loving mind.” I then would have eased in the phrase we all love, ” The devil is a lie” and mosied on my merry way.

You see, for those unaware, I’ve been blogging since 2016. My first blog was known as“Christians in College,” which led to “REFRESH Magazine” and now I’m here on “My Journey to REFRESH”.

During my transitions, I experienced severe doubt. I doubted my work not being good enough. I was envious of social media because every bloggers’  life looked perfect minus mine. I even experienced a time when I simply strolled through social media afraid to post anything because I felt my life was uninteresting.

The Shift

Sensing in my spirit something wasn’t right, in 2019 I went on a sabbatical to see exactly where God wanted me to be. During my sabbatical, one night I attended an entrepreneurial workshop. There, I shared with the host my problem and she informed me I shouldn’t stop what I’d been called to do just because I hadn’t seen any results. She then stated not everyone will admit what they’re going through is what I post about. She suggested instead of my focus relying on numbers, 👍 or 🧡 , it should always remain on what God originally told me to do and how He should receive the glory.

Talk about a revelation!

I wish I could say my journey after that revelation was smooth sailing, but to be very honest and transparent with you, it wasn’t until  COVID19 hit I really started to take my journey seriously. I went on a hiatus for four months and intentionally sought Abba through prayer, fasting, praise and worship. Alongside my time with Him, I began to research for the first time information about blogging,  content creating, marketing, and much more. Immediately I was blown away by all of the vase information available right next to my fingertips.

When I finally started to piece everything together I was able to spiritually see God’s hands in the midst of it all. No longer did I see my blog as a spot to vent my frustrations but a safe haven for YOU to see THAT  you are not alone. 

The Assignment

The assignment He’s given me is to share my life experiences with millennial women and inform you all that just as He’s carried for me time and time again, He will care for you too. He wants me to coach you along and get you through hurdles in life I’ve been through and situations I am currently facing. Although  God has given me the assignment to complete He is the CEO in charge of it all. However,

He knows I can’t do it alone, which is why He’s lead you to this page.

The Call

As we grow together I truly believe we have not been sent to live our lives alone but to help build each other up. In fact, our Father’s command tells us to love each other as we love ourselves. To help My Journey to Refresh continue to grow could you complete this four questions survey?

2021 My Journey to Refresh Survey

God is moving and I definitely don’t want you to miss out on what He has in store for your response. It truly would mean a lot to me and I promise it will take only one minute to complete!

And sis, I won’t leave you hanging. Download the free guide, “The Call: Discover Your God-Given Purpose”  to help you thrive in the call God has placed in your life!


1 thought on “Revitalizing My Journey to Refresh”

  1. Love seeing the evolution of the vision God has given you… in this society it can become so easy to focus on numbers (other forms of validation) but I’ve learned that numbers doesn’t always equate to IMPACT… So know that….You’re definitely making an IMPACT and so long as the focus is on the Most High, the rest will follow… God bless you!