Revelation: It’s Time!

Did you know getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do? Would you like to know what’s greater than that?


In Proverbs 4:7 King Solomon, son of David, clarifies this information best when he states:

“Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom and in ALL your getting, get understanding.”

Simply put, wisdom is the FIRST thing YOU should seek for when moving forward with the assignment God has given YOU.

SECOND, it’s all about getting, grasping, and gaining an understanding of the information you now have.

During this aggressive pandemic, known as the coronavirus, while many people are shutting down, God is amping YOU up because…


He has poured out great revelations and new instructions for us all and He would like for them to be revealed.

Stepping into this season, this is what Abba shared with me:

And the Lord Says:

I am purging you and cleansing you from everything you think you know. Even things you avoid to share with me, I’m taking those away from you too. Now I know what you see is either hard to fathom or comprehend, but note that I got you baby girl. I got you man of God. Remember the battle is NOT yours but it’s mine (2 Chronicles 20:15) and guess what?!! I’ve already won it. So, be of good cheer.

It’s time!
It’s time to take action.
It’s time to elevate your mind and eliminate your Stinky thinking.
It’s time to let go of your past and focus on your future!
Cut ties that latch on to your soul and allow me to heal your bruised wounds. (Ezekiel 37)
Processes with me don’t happen overnight but trust me, they are worth the ride.

Now receive it in Jesus’ Name!

My God now isn’t that amazing?? Abba Father will blow your mind, won’t He? When He shared that insight with me I just couldn’t keep it to myself. I had to let it out. It is now time for you to do the same! Take heed to what He has revealed and then take action! He has you covered!

Hey love, did Abba Father speak to you in this word? If so, comment below what He had to say! I’d love to hear!Β 



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