Revelation: Daughter, Just Show Up

It was just last month, I sat on the patio of a cabin in North Carolina  staring out into the mountains. Once again I was having another coming to Jesus moment. The atmosphere was quiet. Real quiet. But, then again it was loud. Real loud.

Flies buzzed. Crickets chirped. The sun shined and I waited.

I waited for His presence, His voice, His instruction.

Yet, I knew I had it.

I had the confirmation I’d been seeking for, asking, and crying about. It was just time for me to move forward and take action.

But how?

Have you experienced the same dilemma?

You’re aware of what God wants you to do, but afraid of how your outcome will be? So, in return you stall. You find excuses to get around the assignment God has given you.

During my time of hesitation, I felt like prophet Jeremiah and thought:

“Lord, I can’t speak for you, I’m too young! I’m not worthy. I don’t know enough Word and I haven’t read the whole Bible from cover to cover. Surely, Abba you can’t be talking to me.”

Rambling on about my issues and why I felt I wasn’t qualified for His assignment, immediately I felt His presence.

Abba’s Response:

Right on queue, spiritually, I saw Abba. He smirked at me, shook His head, and responded similarly as He did to Jeremiah:

“Don’t say I’m too young. My child this isn’t a request, it’s an order. You must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you.”

Before I could find another reason to protest, Abba read my mind and continued. “Did you get that?” He asked. “I will do the job for you, I just need you step out of the way and allow me to move in you. I will give you ALL you need to write and speak, just trust in me.”

The Revelation:

Taking in a deep breathe, I meditated on the Word He’d given me. Within an manner of minutes, I couldn’t help but reverence in His presence and surrender my ALL to Him because I finally grasped the bigger picture. All I needed to do was show up and He would handle the rest.

Talk about a major relief and sis, I want you to know that same revelation applies to you too! As you continue to move forward in the assignment God has given you know that you are  not alone. All Abba request of you is to show up and He’ll take it from there. The journeys we experience don’t have to be as gruesome as we make them, all we have to do is give them to Abba and allow Him to lead the way.

Hey sis, did you enjoy what you read? Share with me your greatest takeaway in the comments below! I can’t wait to read it!