Real Talk Episode: Activate Your Vision

Do you have a vision you’re ready to see manifest? Well sis I’m here to share with you God has done His part, the ball is now in your court and it’s time for you to take action!

In this Real Talk episode, I sit down with my great friend Amber Dortch who gives insight on how to do just that– activate your vision.

Remember ladies: It’s all about letting go of your fear and falling into your purpose!

Real Talk Episode: Activate Your Vision

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Meet Amber!

Amber is a Baltimore native with a passion for helping others. She is an alumna of Morgan State University and a graduating graduate student of the University of Maryland’s School of Social Work who plans to pursue her doctorate in the near future. She has worked with the Department of Juvenile Justice, The League for People With Disabilities, and Time Organizations’ Open Access Program among many others. Amber’s heart to serve others and her compassion for those who are often overlooked and discarded is what makes her an outstanding mental health professional.

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  1. Great post/video…. beautiful advice/content, especially in these times… keep up the great work E*

  2. This was a great post/video…. beautiful content & definitely needed for these times