Young and Married

Ladies welcome to the final Real Talk Relationship Series Episode Four! 


In this  Real Talk episode, I sit down with longtime friend Kiarra and her husband Darryl Sykes as they share their profound love story.


During our discussion, Kiarra and Darryl expound on their Godly marriage, how they met and the personal struggles they’ve faced as a couple and individually. In addition, they provided practical tips on ways you can prepare for marriage whether you’re thinking about it, courting, or simply interested.

Remember ladies: It’s all about sensing the soul before seeing it!


Real Talk Episode 4: Young and Married

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Meet the Sykes

Darryl, 26, and Kiarra Sykes, 27 have been married for two years and together for five. They are both from Pennsylvania but moved to North Carolina in 2012 for college. They are entrepreneurs, authors, investors, YouTubers, & podcasters and have a special affinity for relationship ministry. In 2017, Darryl and Kiarra co-authored their first book Fire and Desire : The Courtship Curse . In their spare time, they love traveling, watching all things Marvel, and trying new restaurants.

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  1. Maribelle T Albuja

    This is amazing for us to learn about marriage. This is r
    Premarriage therapy for me and my man❤ i can truly relate. God bless and thank you so much.