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How to Get Your Mind Right and Track Your Mental Health

Ladies welcome to the Real Talk Health Awareness Series!Β 

This month, our focus is all about health and how it benefits you.

Β I’m sure you are cringing just reading the word health because it’s something you like to avoid.

I know I do πŸ˜‰

But, before hopping to another link,Β  know I’m here to help and I have some phenomenal speakers to back me up!

Throughout this series, we won’t just discuss one health issue, but we’ll tackle physical, spiritual, mental, and nutritional health too.

To jumpstart this series, this week, we’ll harper on mental health.

In thisΒ  Real Talk episode, I sit down with my close friend Stautcia Singletary.Β  During our chat, Stautcia provides great tips andΒ strategies needed to manage your mental health and genuinely care for yourself.Β 

Sis, it’s all about getting your mind right!

How to Manage Your Mental Health

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Meet Stautcia

Stautcia Singletary founder of Love 1 Two Another is a licensed professional counselor with specialties in play therapy, family therapy, and trauma-informed care.

She believes her purpose on Earth is to serve others.Β 

β€œI believe in each individual’s potential and capacity for growth and change. I am passionate about helping people identify their needs, seeing people meet their goals, realize their dreams, heal, and restoring families and personal well-being.” 

Hey beautiful people! Enjoy what you’ve watched? Share in the comment section below what stood out to you the most and what you took away. Can’t wait to hear your response!

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  • Gabriel Tucker

    AMAZING post E*…. Very crucial information on here that many don’t think about but in reality, if nurtured or neglected…. could build or break an individual… awesome post/content … God bless you!


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