Love Yourself: Flaws and All

Ladies welcome to the Real Talk Relationship Series Episode Three: Love Yourself: Flaws and All!


In this  Real Talk episode, I sit down with my close friends Maya Caldwell, Krystal Haynes, and LaDonna Ouedraogo as they dish out the importance of self-care. 


During our discussion, each panelist provides personal testimonials of how they overcame life obstacles while learning how to love themselves. In addition, they provide practical tips on ways you can begin to love yourself with your flaws and all!


Remember ladies: It’s all about giving yourself grace!


Love Yourself: Flaws and All


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Meet the Panel

Maya, an Atlanta native is an actor, singer, and writer. She has performed in many theatre productions in Savannah and Atlanta. In addition, she’s performed in Stone Mountain Park Holiday Extravaganzas and the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Maya is currently working on her new play and learning to truly love herself one day at a time. 


LaDonna, a Savannah native, has been on the road to self-love all of her life. She’s experienced the ups and downs of what things could or should look like. As an actor, self-love becomes a part of her journey that she must “master”. Thank you for listening as to her and her friends join Erica in the true discovery of self-love. It’s a love like no other.


Krystal, a South Carolina native, is a Youtuber, faith-based blogger, and founder of Soul Care Naturals. Her ultimate goal is to encourage people to prosper in spirit, soul, and body just as Christ did while here on earth. 

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1 thought on “Love Yourself: Flaws and All”

  1. This was a good post/video… All of you were very open and honest… It was nice to see, God bless you all