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Let Go and Let God Handle It

Have you ever slept with a lot on your mind, hoping when you woke up everything would be okay? How did you feel? More often than not, your issue was still staring back at you. If anything, you felt worse because time had passed and yet you still had no answer.


Listen, I’ve been there.


I would cry my eyeballs out escalating my issue to Abba (Our Father God) in hopes that after I let it all out, once I arose from my deep sleep, the issue would have been dealt with right then and there. Unfortunately, it didn’t work like that. If anything, I’d wake up and the cycle would begin again.


Pray, cry, sleep, ask questions of why and worry, and repeat.


During one of my cycles, after waking up my soul began to prep for its why and worry segment.

Questions formulated in my mind, tears began to make front row seats in my eyes, but before the segment began it was stopped. As clear as you can read this message Abba dealt with me by saying:

STOP! Let me pour out of you. Let me move through you. If you’re always trying to figure out the process how can I move? When you pray to me, LEAVE it there! Let me handle it.


“Let me handle it…”  Those words rang loudly in my mind as I replayed what Abba shared with me. “Let… ME… Handle… It.”


My friends, nowhere in His statement did He say, “Erica, I want you to take care of this and I’ll handle the rest”. He simply said, “Let me handle it” meaning He wanted me to back away from the situation and give it to Him.


1 Peter 567


As I began to get myself together and meditate on what He informed me to do, then He shared more by leading me to 1 Peter 8-11 which reads:


Peter 5811


The dim light in my head immediately lit up because instantly, I was now aware of what I had been falling into. 

All along I was questioning my faith by worrying about the situation, even after praying to Abba. I was doubting God. This is exactly why Abba reminded me to “be sober, alert and cautious at all times” because the enemy WILL come to attack. 

I share this information with you today to let you know you are not alone. Abba sees you. He hears your cry and He feels your pain. No matter your situation, someone else is experiencing the exact same thing you are. Possibly worst. Overall, when you find yourself in that state unaware of what to do but pray, do just that, and remember to leave it there. Let Go and Let God!


Are you going through something? Do you need a listening ear? Beautiful people comment below what you believe God wants you to let go. Since this topic is very dear to my heart I am willing to touch and agree with you in prayer.

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