Late Nights and Early Mornings with Abba Father

One night, shifting in my sleep, I arise by the flickering firelight beaming brightly from the candle which lay loosely on my nightstand. Blowing out my candle, I glance at my phone screen to see it’s only 4 o’clock in the morning. I have a good three hours left before my daily alarm rings to jump-start my day.

A sleek smile spread across my face as I snuggle deep under my covers and close my eyes. Five seconds later, they open again with my phone in hand strolling down the History page on my YouTube channel. Suddenly, the thought of “Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural” comes to mind and I am reminded to finish watching the episode, “Steven Bancarz- From New Age Influencer to Jesus Follower.”

I click on the link to watch Steven’s testimony, and immediately I am hooked. It truly took me by surprise to see how Steven had been placed in a position were he began to believe that his inner conscious was God.

Steven then began to share some of the practices he partook in as a New Age Influencer such as tarot cards, lucid dreams and yoga. After watching Steven’s story I then checked out his website, and while on the site I ran across the article, “Do All Religions Leads Us to God and Share the Same Truth?” and boy did that blow my mind. For about 20 minutes I read on popular religions and how many argue that they all correlate to God in some form. One of those main reasons being love. In this article, Steven explains in detail the similarities and differences of each religion and how they focus on similar subjects, but their overall goal is different. Well awake now, as the dark skies began to turn into its blue hour, I then felt lead to check out a sermon by the late Stephen Darby. Searching through Stephen’s sermons, one that stood out to me was Hollywood: Satan’s Prophetic Programming“.

In his sermon, Stephen shared with his congregation how Satan manages to control the entertainment business through movies and T.V. shows. He carried on by saying at times we can be so intrigued in a movie or T.V. show that what we watch can have a huge negative effect in our lives. Unfortunately, because of the action in the film we would be too desensitized to notice it. Before I knew it, the sun had risen and here I was full of new information of the world and the state we are currently living in.

When was the last time you spent time with God? What about the last time you prayed He share wisdom and new revelation with you? Often times I pray that prayer, but I had no idea He would visit me the way He did. Talk about late nights and early mornings with Abba Father.


4 thoughts on “Late Nights and Early Mornings with Abba Father”

  1. Tell me about it Mari. It is truly a blessing to have Him in us, so we will not be lead astray. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! God Bless!

  2. Yeah that’s true. Thats why sometimes I have to change the channel or turn the tv off so I won’t let those spirits get into my room or into me because spirits travel. So many shows, movies, and etc. are just so demonic. You don’t realize it when you’re a teenager or kid, but you realize it when you’re older and the Lord gives you more wisdom. Its the same with YouTube. I have to be careful on there too girl.

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing Maya. I can’t wait to hear your next spiritual encounter with Christ. God bless! 🙂

  4. Maya Nichelle Caldwell

    Now I can see indeed! I always wake up early and I always thought it was because I was an early bird, but now I’m thinking its meant for me to seek god in that moment and spend time with him. You never know what the lord wants to reveal to you, but you can always trust it’s for your good and gods glory. Amen.