Late Nights and Early Morning with Abba Father- Perfection

How are your conversations with God? Are they simple and sweet or in-depth and intriguing? When was the last time you spent time with God? What about the last time you prayed? Did He share wisdom and new revelation with you? A few nights ago, I found myself doubting Him and questioning the route He requested I take this season in my life. During my time of worry, He led me to a message He shared with me a few months back in regards to perfection.

Tonight, I would like to share that message with you in hopes it encourages you. This is installment two of late nights and early mornings with Abba Father.


Late Nights and Early Morning with Abba Father Perfection

God: Who told you, you had to be perfect? Now, before you start hooping and hollering I really want you to think about that. 🤔

Erica: Hmmm, I don’t know. No one specifically. I guess the image of the world. Because everything looks perfect, I assume you have to be. ( Even as I’m typing this right now… You see! It’s engraved in me.) My words have to be perfect, auto-corrected or I won’t be accepted. You see, even as I read over my work it automatically happens. I have to make sure it’s right or I won’t feel satisfied. Even my thoughts are moving, wondering right now what this conversation will lead to. I just have to be-

God: Erica… Did I tell you ANY of those things? It’s okay-although you know the answer, you can think about it.

Erica: No.

God: Well again, tell me, who told you these things?

Erica: Hmmm, I guess no one individually. Elementary school comes to mind. We had to have answers right on assignments. We had to treat people with respect. The smallest mistake we made we’d be punished. And hey I just didn’t want to be punished. So, I made the decision that I just had to be perfect or at least close to it in my mind. So, I’d help my teacher out. I’d try to stay as quiet as possible in the classroom and speak only when spoken to. I thought I was doing a pretty good job.

God: And tell me how did that work out for you? How did that work out as you grew up? Did you end up perfect? What is perfect to you anyway?

Erica: For the most part it worked out for me. I managed to make friends, connect with adults in an adultlike manner (if that makes any sense)  it’s like I felt like I understood them more. Like because I acted a certain way, different than other kids they liked me better and because I was able to please them it made me want to get better. Perfect to me is a person with NO flaws. EVERYTHING is in line. Everything falls into place.

God: Who do you know like that? With NO flaws, NO issues, NO problems?

Erica: Nobody really comes to mind. I would name a few people from church but because I know their testimony I know they haven’t ALWAYS been as they are now. Hmmm, I guess the closest to perfection that I can think of are celebrities. Because I don’t see them on a day-to-day basis they seem like they have it all together from my point of view. Beyonce for example. Hey, look you know her. The perfect hair, the perfect family, the beehive of fans. She’s still on Earth and apparently, her dream has come true because she’s “made it”. Look all I’m saying is she must have hopped on something perfect in her life to get to where she is now.

God: Do you think Beyonce is perfect?
Stop that. Analyzing things. Just be straightforward. Do you think Beyonce is perfect?

Erica: No.

God: Why not? You just told me all she has and all she does. Doesn’t that put her on the perfect list?

Erica: I guess it does, but then again nobody is perfect.

God: Hmmm… What was that?

Erica: Sigh… Nobody is perfect.

God: Interesting, so again why do you think you have to be??

Erica: I guess it’s just a mind thing. Growing up I was conditioned to have it that way.

God: Did I ever tell you that? Did I or have I ever told you, that you had to be perfect?

Erica: Hmmm. No, you haven’t. I recall you telling me to do good, but you never told me to be perfect.

God: What does good mean to you?

Erica: Someone who tries their best. They attempt to get things right that they might mess up. But again I guess the big thing is that they try. And they may not get it right but they truly try, which I believe makes them good.

God: Are you good or perfect? What would you describe yourself as?

Erica: I guess good. Okay no guessing, I know I’m good ( no pride intended) 😉

God:  And what have I required of you?

Erica: To do good.

God: Did I ever say perfect?

Erica: Nope. You said to do good and turn away from evil.

God: Now, I know you just read that scripture in Matthew where Jesus said,  “to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Matthew 5:48 NLT What do you think about that? What do you believe my intent was/ is?

Erica: Well it looks like you want us to be wise, kind, and fair to others who treat us wrong, just as you have with us. Although the word perfect can mean without flaw it also can mean accurate and pure, faithful. Oh yeah and after reading the Merriam Webster’s dictionary mature is highlighted too.

God: Do you believe when you read this scripture now, I want you to be without flaw or more so mature? Better yet what do I want you to walk in?

Erica: What I believe is you want me to more so be mature and not so much in my flesh, but in spirit. I believe you want me to walk in the spirit and not move by the flesh.

God: What does mature mean to you?

Erica: To grow, learn and develop as you age

God: By doing these things do you believe you will be the traditional “perfect” with no flaws or more so become Ms. Perfect?

Erica: Not at all. I do believe I will have more wisdom and understanding.

God: Hmmm… And what do I say about that??

Erica: …in all your getting get understanding.

God: Correct!! Did I say get perfect Erica.. or else 🧐??

Erica: No sir.

God: The word “be” is future tense. This means it will take place. Read the scripture again in Matthew and tell me what you think.

Erica: In due time I will be perfect just as you are in Heaven. I believe because Jesus spoke in future tense speaking things before they took place that’s how this scripture should be read. No, I’m not flawless, but you want me to be (future tense) will become mature in You. It’s like you already see it which is why in other translations the scripture is written the way it is. In a nutshell, I see the scripture being something we evolve in not something that just happens. The amp verse I believe sums up what you are saying the best:

You, therefore, will be perfect [growing into spiritual maturity both in mind and character, actively integrating godly values into your daily life], as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48 AMP

God: Until today you really only had one definition of the word “perfect” in your head. But now you know it means more than just one thing. I have not called you to be flawless, without any issues or problems. But I have told you as you follow me you will become one without those things or better yet you will see those things in a different light, a new perspective. Even though my son was one with “no flaws” the true visionary and definition of perfect, He still went through situations just as you have and you will. There is no avoiding it.

My daughter, do know if you don’t complete a task, I’m not mad at you. I just want you to do your best and mean it. Perfection and best are NOT the same things. I have set you apart from others and I want you to use your differences as your advantages. Cast out the lie of perfection and completing everything to the T. Move with me and not in the world’s perspective of Perfect.

If you do that you will never succeed because the world is not perfect, but because I live in you, in my eyes you are perfect. Remember I see you differently than you see you. 😉 Began to switch your perspective of the word perfect. Remember it does not have one standard definition, but a list of them. When you think of the word perfect, think of maturity and look at the definition you wrote above.

Final Thoughts

When you talk to Abba there is never a dull moment. Have you received a new revelation in this message? If so, share in the comments below!


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  1. Gabriel S. Tucker

    Interesting dialogue there, really good content…. I do agree about the maturity… Everyday is an opportunity to get/be better