It’s Time to A.C.T!

Growing up  I dreaded attending Wednesday night bible study.  In those two hours, church members would sing off-key hymns, clap offbeat, and messages would go forth I never understood.

One night, during the service, I recall the pastor making a statement that everyone goes through something. Puzzled with pigtails, a notebook to doodle in,  and an urgency for the benediction, I remember thinking, “Not me!” 

Outside of my aggravating school teachers and crushes who could care less about me, I really didn’t go through anything. I was aware of God, my mom loved me and my grades were decent. 

I mean what true issues did I have? 

I wish I could say I managed to maintain that nonchalant mindset until now, however, seasons change. And as I got older my thoughts evolved- better yet, went overdrive.   

Every time an attack would come or I felt over-pressured, I’d quickly question,  “What is this? As a believer in Christ shouldn’t God protect me? Shouldn’t He have my back?”

It wasn’t until I began to understand Him for myself I realized as a Child of God I would go through things that wouldn’t be easy but in the end, I would be victorious because He was with me.


As we step into this season of activation (click here if you haven’t reviewed it)I want to share with you the importance of thoroughly seeking  God for yourself. 

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It’s Time to A.C.T

It’s one thing to receive revelation, however, for it to manifest you must test it. Second, if it’s for you, you must receive it, and third, you must believe it and take action.

Are you ready to move forward this season? Now that you’ve received revelation on taking action, I encourage you to do just that! 

Ladies, It’s time to ARISE from rest, CALL FORTH who God has called you to be, and TAKE CHARGE of the spiritual being that dwells within you!

Remember I am rooting for you and Abba is too! You got this!



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