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How To Stay Positive & Move Forward With God in 2020

Are you ready to receive a clearer vision and a firmer mindset? Unpack the three easy steps needed to stay positive and move forward with God in 2020!

Okay, so is it just me or do you think 2019 is flying by way too fast? Can I be honest? I’m still working on my New Year resolutions for this year and I am sure you are too. (Don’t front 😏) Hey, I know it can be a downer when you look back at the goals you set for yourself only to see one or two accomplished. It can hurt to see how people around you are living out their dreams, but you are on the sideline, slightly, jealous because you have not received your BIG break.

I want you to know you are not alone. 2020 is only eight days away, which means you still have time to finish what you’ve begun. I want you to know you are not alone and help is on the way! I promise you will receive a clearer vision and firmer mindset of what is to come as we unpack the three easy steps for you to stay positive and move forward with God in 2020! So grab a pen and paper and let’s start the show.



I hope this video has been uplifting and inspiring for you to gain more guidance and power to step into 2020 with purpose and provision. We’ll continue to focus on thinking positive and moving forward in the posts to come because it is imperative to carry out what Abba has called us to do while being about His business.

Question of the day: What is the number one tip that has been the hardest for you to grasp in order to move forward to the next level God has for you? Share in the comments below, so we can touch and agree that fear will be no more.

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