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How to Prepare Your Life for 2021 (Even in a Pandemic)

Can you believe we have only one more week left before 2021?

Time is not waiting around, so I hope you aren’t either. In fact, it’s time to turn things up a notch and make every day count.  In this  Real Talk episode, I sit down with my close friend Brittany Jordan.  During our chat, Brittany shares how her love for helping others inspired her to launch a women’s mentorship program during the COVID  pandemic. In addition, she explains the ups and downs of her journey in launching her business and how it has become a success!

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Brittany is a  YouTube content creator, disciple, and overall entrepreneur.

Brittany has a strong work ethic for making her clients happy and she values the meaning of success, by making a difference in the lives of others.

Brittany has a background in Psychology and uses her skills to mentor women, children, and teens by providing instructional content based on faith, life, and the word of God. 

To find more about Brittany follow her on all of her social media accounts @brittbrattsmile!


  • Gabriel Tucker

    Awesome post/episode… I really enjoyed the open dialogue and honesty… It was beautiful seeing you guys inspire each other & I’m believing for Brittany to get that house… God bless you both!!!


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