Life Lessons

Finish What You’ve Begun

Do you recall your favorite pair of shoes growing up? While many rocked Nike Air Force Ones, I was a Converse kid and my favorite pair where my yellow and blue All-Star Converse. I was around twelve-years old when I first laid my hands on the light yellow and blue high-tops. They were just my size, and they were unique, just like me. Because they were one- of- a -kind, whenever I walked down the hallway with my fresh kicks, I just knew I was the best thing since sliced bread.


Oh, and when people would compliment me on my shoes,all thirty-two of my teeth would be on display( and if you know me, I’m not one to smile with my teeth too often). I’m not sure what it was about those shoes or what made me love them so much,  but for that period of time they helped me to define me. They helped me discover parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. 


However, time moved on and although my shoes remained the same I grew out of them. No longer could I rock them as I once was able to. It was time for me to put them away and start with something fresh… something new.



With a new season in full swing , I have noticed God shifting miraculously. Like really you guys, this year alone has been full of unexpected surprises. Adjustments had to be made and people had to be let loose. I could get into great detail on specific situations I personally experienced, but I will save that for a later date. Nevertheless, what I would like to share though is what God reminded me and that is simply to: finish what you have begun.



Beginning this year, I believe we all began with a list of accomplishments in mind. Whether that was to accomplish a weight goal, discover a healthier way to eat or spend more time with family — whatever the case was we all had a set goal in mind. For myself, my goal was to write more. Starting off the new year, I was amped and super excited to see how my plans would fall into place. Unfortunately, life happened and my perfectly planned schedule did not turn out as planned.


However, with such sovereign God I serve, He didn’t scold me or look down on me, He simply reminded me that my time is now. So I pass His message on to you wanting you to know your time is now.There should be no more delay. It’s time to grab out that old notebook, take a glimpse at the vision board you created earlier this year. Remember, God’s timing is never late, so my friend you’re right on time to finish what you started. 


Like what you’ve read? Comment below on what you plan to complete this year.


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