Life Lessons

Enough is Enough, Sis!

Have you ever seen the movie, Enough with star actress Jennifer Lopez?

In this thrilling drama, Lopez plays the role of Slim, a working-class waitress, and wife to a wealthy contractor, Mitch Hiller.

Sim’s life, from the outside looking in, is every women’s desire. A man who provides all her needs and wants. 

However, when Mitch becomes abusive and their child witnesses his foul behavior, Sim escapes in order to save their lives.

Now, let’s switch the script.

If you were in Slim’s shoes, (BE HONEST) what would you do?

a.) Stay and become complacent with your life

b.) Runaway and start a new life with a new name

c.) Face your fears by confronting your husband


Being true to you and myself, my response would be C, but if you would have asked me last year, I would have chosen A.

For years I operated in a “why me” manner. I went through many trials and tribulations feeling worthless and ignored by God. Nevertheless, I made it through them all and it was only by the grace of God!!


The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help.

    He rescues them from all their troubles. Psalms 34:17


Once Slim discovered the power she had inside, when attacked by Mitch, she took action by fighting back and declared what was rightfully hers. 

The Mission

Sis, I want you to know, all your ducklings DON’T need to be in a row.

All of your T’s DON’T need to be crossed and your I’s dotted.

When God says move- MOVE. When He says, “That’s Enough,” it’s enough.

I want you to know He’s equipped you for the assignment and if you haven’t received it  He’s preparing you for it RIGHT NOW. So, take charge because He’s far finished with you!

Hey sis, do like what you’ve read? What was your greatest takeaway? I can’t wait to read your comments below!




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