Did you Abba Father speaks in various ways? He speaks through visions, dreams, and people- just to name a few. During my journey with Him, I receive new revelations often and I'd like to share them with you! Here is a list of all of the revelations I've received on this blog. If you believe one stands out to you, declare and decree it is yours because IT IS! God's Word never goes out void!

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    7 Things to Remember While Walking with God

    Are you tired of waiting? Do you feel like you are walking alone? Does it seem like all of your friends are moving forward in life? However, you are stuck on the sidelines cheering them on? While you carry a smile on the outside, your heart may carry jealousy on the inside. You wish it were you moving forward instead of your friend.  At this point, you’re probably crying out to God asking, “Why Me?! When will my blessing come? I’ve been serving you awhile now. What gives?” My friends, it’s okay. Your flesh can get the best of you but remember it has NO control over you unless you…

  • Revelation

    Late Nights and Early Mornings with Abba Father

    One night, shifting in my sleep, I arise by the flickering firelight beaming brightly from the candle which lay loosely on my nightstand. Blowing out my candle, I glance at my phone screen to see it’s only 4 o’clock in the morning. I have a good three hours left before my daily alarm rings to jump-start my day. A sleek smile spread across my face as I snuggle deep under my covers and close my eyes. Five seconds later, they open again with my phone in hand strolling down the History page on my YouTube channel. Suddenly, the thought of “Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural” comes to mind and I am…