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The best way to find out how to navigate life is through life lessons.  Check out how God helps me through various situations, highs and lowers here:

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    Finish What You’ve Begun

    Do you recall your favorite pair of shoes growing up? While many rocked Nike Air Force Ones, I was a Converse kid and my favorite pair where my yellow and blue All-Star Converse. I was around twelve-years old when I first laid my hands on the light yellow and blue high-tops. They were just my size, and they were unique, just like me. Because they were one- of- a -kind, whenever I walked down the hallway with my fresh kicks, I just knew I was the best thing since sliced bread.   Oh, and when people would compliment me on my shoes,all thirty-two of my teeth would be on display(…

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    5 Eye-Opening Lessons That Will Help You See Through the Lens of God

    Hello beautiful people!  Wow! I can’t believe I’m back. It has almost been three months since my last post, “R E S T : What Does It Mean?”  I guess you all are thinking, “It’s about time! What in the world have you been up to?” Well my friends, to be honest, I’ve been running. No, not physically, but from God’s calling in my life.  I allowed my emotions, life obstacles and distractions take control of my actions, which deteriorated me from being transparent with you all and sharing what was truly going on during that time of my life.  For that, I truly do apologize and pray you stay to read…

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    R E S T: What does it mean?

    Do you know what it means to truly rest? Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and find out below! Happy Monday and Memorial Day beautiful people! I know I’ve been M. I. A for the past few weeks in posting but wait, I’m not sure about you, but May for me has been full of family graduations. Kicking off the first week of the month, one of my cousins graduated from Howard University. Followed by another cousin of mine graduating from Westlake High School. Oh and how can I forget, last week wrapped up the end of the 2018-2019 academic school year. (S/O to my teachers! We did…

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    God vs. Your Ego

    Do you have a big ego?? Be honest. 😉 I’ll admit, at times I can definitely have one. But, I mean really who doesn’t? We’ve all had a time or two when we want situations to go our way. It’s either our way or no way at all. Can I get an amen?? But what happens when our situations don’t turn out the way we plan them? We put a lot of effort in them only to see them fail. Worst thing is we blame God for our mishaps. It has taken me a minute, but I’ve finally come to the realization of who’s truly in charge of our plans.…

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    Your Time is NOW!

    Have you ever found yourself waiting on God’s appointed time to begin the assignment He’s placed on your life? Possibly He’s shared with you a vision or placed in your night slumber a beautiful dream. It’s at that moment you feel honored and appreciated that He would assign you with such gracious assignment. You know what He has placed in your heart is out of your league and  in order  to complete it you need to trust Him wholeheartedly. Given such powerful vision from Almighty Himself ,you start off strong, however you began to back up when pressure comes your way. Can you relate? I know I can. Flash back…