Life Lessons

The best way to find out how to navigate life is through life lessons.  Check out how God helps me through various situations, highs and lowers here:

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    It’s Time to A.C.T!

    Growing up  I dreaded attending Wednesday night bible study.  In those two hours, church members would sing off-key hymns, clap offbeat, and messages would go forth I never understood. One night, during the service, I recall the pastor making a statement that everyone goes through something. Puzzled with pigtails, a notebook to doodle in,  and an urgency for the benediction, I remember thinking, “Not me!”  Outside of my aggravating school teachers and crushes who could care less about me, I really didn’t go through anything. I was aware of God, my mom loved me and my grades were decent.  I mean what true issues did I have?  I wish I…

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    You ARE NOT the Father!

    Do you recall watching The Maury Show growing up? What about The Jerry Springer Show? If so, I’m sure one of your favorite lines were: “You ARE NOT the Father.” I know mine was! On Maury, a woman would gracefully walk off stage or have a full-blown tantrum, while the man would get his two-step on because of the wonderful news. On  the Jerry Springer Show, a woman would jump up and attack the woman who messed around with her husband and one of their wigs would be snatched off. Back then, those shows provided me with great entertainment and pleasure. However, I would have never imagined they would effect…

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    Are You Ready to be a Disciple?

    If you could describe yourself as a disciple, which one would you be? Would you be one who’s all about the money, like Matthew the tax collector, or one who needs to see and touch things to declare they are real like doubting Thomas? Personally, I would describe myself as disciple Peter. One day he’s rolling with Jesus the next day he’s not. One minute he’s slicing ears off of warriors for Jesus, the next day he has amnesia. Similar to Peter I have had my tug of war days with Jesus.  Yet, whenever I fall I ALWAYS get up just as Peter did many times before. From a fisherman…

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    How To Stay Positive & Move Forward With God in 2020

    Are you ready to receive a clearer vision and a firmer mindset? Unpack the three easy steps needed to stay positive and move forward with God in 2020! Okay, so is it just me or do you think 2019 is flying by way too fast? Can I be honest? I’m still working on my New Year resolutions for this year and I am sure you are too. (Don’t front 😏) Hey, I know it can be a downer when you look back at the goals you set for yourself only to see one or two accomplished. It can hurt to see how people around you are living out their dreams,…

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    5 Eye-Opening Lessons That Will Help You See Through the Lens of God

    Hello beautiful people!  Wow! I can’t believe I’m back. It has almost been three months since my last post, “R E S T : What Does It Mean?”  I guess you all are thinking, “It’s about time! What in the world have you been up to?” Well my friends, to be honest, I’ve been running. No, not physically, but from God’s calling in my life.  I allowed my emotions, life obstacles and distractions take control of my actions, which deteriorated me from being transparent with you all and sharing what was truly going on during that time of my life.  For that, I truly do apologize and pray you stay to read…