Be Real, Do You Accept You for You?

Do you remember your life as a kid? Growing up without a care in the world, not afraid to speak whatever thoughts came to mind (even if they got you in trouble)?

It was during this time, social media was simply an idea someone had in mind, broadband and dial up was the face of the internet world, everyone used AOL as their Facebook Messenger and children (at least my generation) weren’t introduced to cell phones until they were official teenagers (14 years old for me).

What happened to those days?

What happened to the real, authentic you?

Wanna know the truth? Growth happened, the internet evolved, Myspace hit the scene and social media took the world by storm.

Television, already had minds spinning from sexual subliminal messages, but with the booming of new websites evolving, a new way of thinking was now on the horizon.

My generation was shifting. as for myself, I was changing.

Although I portrayed myself as a well-rounded person, a quite church mouse and a Miss. Goody Two Shoes, on the inside I was forcing myself to be different by changing my outward appearance and my pure way of thinking. Even some of the language I used began to switch because of the people I would surround myself with.

It is amazing what flesh will do to fit in. For majority of my life, I found myself running away from myself. Trying to make an ideal image of myself come to life. Only to find out that it would never happen because Abba Father never intended it to. For He had already birthed me in my mother’s womb and provided me with a plan with hope and a future.


So now the question arises at hand–

Authenticity, do you have it? It’s easier said to have than actually showcased on a regular basis. As for myself, I would say I’m just learning the fundamentals on what it means to be authentic… again.

Besides, who informed you that you had to have it together? Who instilled in you that this life was set to be a cake walk?

On this journey our Abba Father is leading you on, it is okay not to have all of your T’s crossed and your I’s dotted. Dismiss what you may see on others social media sites and focus on what Abba is sharing with you. Cry out to Him and cast all of your burdens and cares to Him for He informs you that His yoke is easy and HIS burden is light.

Although the world continues to evolve and change with trends and new fashion, you do not have to change with it. Let Abba Father change you. Let Him renew your mind. Let your emotions be set free upon Him. Let your original authenticity become the true make up of you.