Accepting the Voice

The voice– a phenomenal instrument we carry as human beings. The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines the voice as the expiration of air with vocal cords drawn close so as to vibrate audibly. Although we are blessed with this unique source of sound, at times it can be hard to use, find, receive and accept.

With Christmas only a few hours away, I can only imagine how Mary was feeling around this time as she prepared to conceive the Son of God. After hearing word from the angel Gabriel that she would give birth to him, instead of rejoicing, Mary was troubled and confused. However, the angel informed her not to be afraid for she had found favor with God (Luke 1:30) and His Holy Spirit would come upon her and His power of the Highest would overshadow her (Luke 1:35).

Taking heed to what Gabriel said, Mary had to come to the realization that the true Son of God would be birthed by her. She had to receive what was being said to her in order for it to come to past. Although the message was beginning delivered to her by an angel, God was the voice behind the message.  By faith and true belief, Mary accepted the message that was brought to her attention and responded to Gabriel by saying, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” Mary’s response showcased true humility and obedience for the will of God.

Have you been hearing a word or message from God that causes you to take action? What about a task or assignment that keeps coming to mind in regards to your destiny/ calling? Well, just as Gabriel informed Mary in Luke 1:37, with God nothing is impossible, it is time to take on the challenge and accept the voice. God will never lead you astray, even when the flesh begs to differ. Always remember that He has you and His voice dwells inside of you. Your only task is to receive that voice and God will do the rest.


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