Abundant Shifts and Revelations

Happy Spring beautiful people! A new season has arrived  and a new shift is in the air. Are you excited to see what God has in store for you? I know I am, but can I be honest with you? If you were to ask me last week around this time, I would have been a little skeptical.

You see, for the past few weeks the phrase, “Fix it Jesus” played loudly in my ear. Once again I  let my thoughts take control of my actions which resulted in me not posting. It’s not that I didn’t want to post, it’s just I didn’t know what to post about. I became so focused on the issue that my behavior began to change and worry began to sneak in.  “What’s wrong with me God?” I would question. “Why am I behaving in such manner? Why is it suddenly hard for me to write out my feelings, I mean that is the purpose of My Journey to REFRESH right?”

Even with those questions coming to mind and my urgency to move forward, I still felt in bondage, as if something was holding me back.

The more I questioned the further I felt far away from my Father. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until last Monday,  God began to place me back on straight street. He reminded me of the gifts and talents He had placed on the inside of me.

You see I was having my quiet time with Him simply soaking in His love through praise and worship, when I suddenly felt the need to read over one of my old Bible journals. In this journal I ran across old church notes, petitions, prayers, praises, dreams and new revelations. While looking through my journal I ran across a message God left me years ago in regards to my calling and how the start of this blog had a lot to do with it.

Just as I was feeling back in 2016 [timid, nervous,afraid], God had to remind me in order for my dreams to come to past I must be willing to seek Him first.

In doing so He would give me my heart’s desire, and share with me what to write. Talk about amazing! So, with that being stated, in the posts to come I will share what God has revealed to me.  It’s time out for being too structured with God, He wants us to be spontaneous with Him. Holding nothing back for we will hear from Him.

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