Hi! Welcome to My Journey to REFRESH!
I’m Erica Nicole, an online liaison here to help millennial women discover God’s purpose for their life and fulfill their destiny through the Word of God!
How can I serve you?
Are you a young woman in Christ seeking for direction?
Would you like to receive new revelations from God and find out the next steps to take to fulfil your God-given purpose?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.  I post revelations, testimonials, and  life lessons once a week that focus on my life to empower you to grow in your purpose and move forward with what God has called you to do. 
A little more about me:
I am a professional writer, speaker, book editor, and a true seeker of God. My sole purpose here on Earth is to empower women (just like you 🙂 with words of wisdom and enlighten those who have fallen away from God and who are unaware of Jesus Christ. Overall, it’s my passion to see people of this generation and prior generations mature in Christ.
How can this blog help you?
Check out free material in these distinctive categories:
Life Lessons
Real Talk Testimonials and more!
Are you ready to see what God has in store for you?
If so, let your journey begin! Please browse the site and find out what’s new via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let’s grow together
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