A Sprinkle of Hope

Have you had your coming to Jesus moment yet? You know the time you decide you’re going to be “real” with God forreal forreal? Although you’ve already given your life to God by repeating the sinner’s prayer, you feel this sudden nudge in your body to announce to God you’re serious this time.  If you have, no worries—we all have… it’s just something we don’t always admit. Well I’ll be one to say it is okay, however don’t be shocked when you find yourself standing in the prayer line once again.
How can you be so sure, you might ask? We’ll I’ve been there, done that and I was seeking for that t-shirt for a long time. However it wasn’t until later in my life God revealed to me I had to truly trust Him in order to receive real salvation. You see when it comes to salvation and truly submitting yourself to God what you’re doing is giving your ENTIRE LIFE to God.  Sounds easy right? Well for me it wasn’t and in all honesty I’m still learning and growing.
I was just as Peter when he first met Jesus: suspicious, curious and willing.
You see, when Peter first met Jesus in Luke 5:1-11, he was a simple fisherman trying to grab some fish for the evening. However, as the day turned into night, him and his crew was having no  luck, so I can only imagine He was a little aggravated and ready to call it a night. But, at that very moment, Jesus stepped on Peter’s (also known as Simon) boat and told him to let down his net for a catch. Now, although Peter did complain about not catching any fish all night, he still made the decision to let down his net. And, low and behold fish began swimming in their nets like crazy. So, much so they their own boat began to break! Astonished by what had just taking place in his eyes, Peter fell down to his knees and repenting that he was a sinful man and Jesus should have nothing to do with him.
Now, let’s pause right there. When Peter made that statement I could agree with him 100%. Simply because pretty much every day of my life I slip up. I may think something negative or handle a situation in a non-fitting way. And usually like Peter, I find myself crying my eyes out telling God to have nothing to do with me because I am a sinner.  However in such calm and soothing way God meets me at my lowest state and every time it’s different. I may receive an enjoying text message, a phone call from a friend or a spiritual placed in my heart to visit. And sure enough after my encounter with God, I feel at peace and closer to my Father than ever before.
So, do you want to know what happened after Peter repented? Well, in such loving and gentle way, Jesus responded in Luke 5:10, “Do not be afraid. From now on you will catch men.” By reading the end of this story, even now, I am reminded that God is not set to harm us or put us in fleshly fear. Even in Peter’s negative mindset, a sprinkle of hope was there. Jesus noticed it and immediately acted upon it. So, my message to you tonight is it’s okay not to always have it right. Never think when you slip up God is going to push you to the curb and have nothing to do with you. Our God is love and He has an astonishing plan for you. You may not be able to see it at this very moment, but know it will come to pass. I mean look at the life of Peter. He screwed up in many situations walking right alongside Jesus … (hmmm can you relate?) But never did Jesus say pack your bags and get to stepping, no He’d correct him and showcased His reckless love for him. And sure enough our Father still does the same thing today. So the next time you are in a jam and feel like you’ve messed up severely with God. Be honest with God and let Him know how you’re feeling. Then, let those feelings go and expect a response from Him. I promise you He answers EVERYTIME.

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  1. Another great read, it’s awesome to see the growth, maturity and recognition through your life experiences that God will never leave or forsake you