Your Revelation is Real!

Have you ever received a prophetic word and was simply overjoyed by what you were told? 

The prayer you’d been praying day in and day out had finally been answered.

That revelation about your God-given talent had finally been revealed.

However,  as time moved on you may have found yourself doubting the message or even questioning its truth because you hadn’t seen anything manifest.

Sis, if that sounds like you, don’t worry because I’ve been there.

In fact, after reading the Revelation: The Season of Activation, for myself– can I be honest with you…

My faith began to rock.

Confusion and frustration attempted to cloud my mind because I was able to read what Abba shared with me, comprehend it, but when it came to genuinely believing it. I was skeptical.

Looking at where I am now compared to where God is leading me seems impossible. Nevertheless, as quickly as negative thoughts attempted to rear their ugly self at me a boldness stirred up in me and I began to declare and decree what Abba has already told me.


That’s why I’m here today sis to let you know, YOUR REVELATION IS STILL REAL.


The revelation you’ve received hasn’t gone out void and it will come to pass!


In Philippians 1:7, Apostle Paul reminds us that what we’ve begun will be perfected and completed until our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns. Simply put, Abba’s going to finish what He’s started and you will be involved.


Even when life gets overwhelming, and things don’t turn out the way we would like we must remember that it IMPOSSIBLE for our Father to lie and He truly will finish what He started. 

Final Thoughts

As you carry out the remainder of this month, I want to remind you that you are right where you need to be and Abba is orchestrating the assignment He’s given you.

Once again all you have to do is simply move. Remember He’s given you the tools needed to succeed and you just need a little faith to push forward.


1 thought on “Your Revelation is Real!”

  1. Amen & AMEN!!!! …. I pray for the Spirit of Wisdom, Discernment and Focus to keep me steadfast on my mission/purpose….. THE REVELATION IS STILL REAL INDEED, awesome post!