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    How To Stay Positive & Move Forward With God in 2020

    Are you ready to receive a clearer vision and a firmer mindset? Unpack the three easy steps needed to stay positive and move forward with God in 2020! Okay, so is it just me or do you think 2019 is flying by way too fast? Can I be honest? I’m still working on my New Year resolutions for this year and I am sure you are too. (Don’t front 😏) Hey, I know it can be a downer when you look back at the goals you set for yourself only to see one or two accomplished. It can hurt to see how people around you are living out their dreams,…

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    Let Go and Let God Handle It

    Have you ever slept with a lot on your mind, hoping when you woke up everything would be okay? How did you feel? More often than not, your issue was still staring back at you. If anything, you felt worse because time had passed and yet you still had no answer.   Listen, I’ve been there.   I would cry my eyeballs out escalating my issue to Abba (Our Father God) in hopes that after I let it all out, once I arose from my deep sleep, the issue would have been dealt with right then and there. Unfortunately, it didn’t work like that. If anything, I’d wake up and…