18 Lessons I Learned in 2018 Part 4

Happy Monday beautiful people! You’ve made it to the fourth and final segment of 18 Lessons I Learned in 2018! Woah! What a journey 2018 was for me, but I enjoyed every minute of it. As always be sure to check out the complete audio version on these lessons and don’t be afraid to leave a comment below! Enjoy!

13. ) Never doubt a mother’s intuition.

Even though her motives are far from positive in the film, I believe Mother Gothel from Disney’s Tangled makes a clear and valid point, that mother knows best. Last year, I found myself in the middle of a crossroad, wondering what steps I should take after being invited to collaborate with a Christian-based organization. Since the organization was well known and had a great following, I was ecstatic to join the movement. Out of respect I decided to share the good news with my mom, simply assuming she’d be on my side. Surprisingly, she was totally against me joining and suggested I stay put. However, I went against her wishes and decided to go down my own path. Although things didn’t work out with the organization, instead of taunting me with “I told you so,” my mom was willing to encourage me and lift me up. Talk about love. Even in my darkest hour, I believe God moved in my mother to showcase the light I needed and for that I will forever be grateful.

14.) God is with you where ever you go.

I believe God is with us everywhere we go. Although we cannot physically see Him, He is always moving and providing us with huge signs and wonders which no man can showcase with pure flesh. A great help to remind us that God is with us is essentially prayer. Through prayer one is able to cry out to God what they need and God is sure to answer. By receive word, whether it be through the Bible, a close friend or a thought, our Father is sure to meet you wherever you are.

15. ) You have a voice, use it.

God has given us all a voice to speak and express how we feel about situations.For many years I would question my gift and even put my voice on hold, afraid of what others might think of my beliefs . Although I am still growing in this gift, God has provided me with a spirit of confidence to speak up and let my yes’s be yes and no’s be no.

16.) Change is good.

Okay so let me be transparent…change can be a pain. There has been many times in my life where I have cried out to the Lord and asked Him to show me a new direction. Nevertheless, because the direction shown didn’t look appealing to me, immediately I would cringe and look for another alternative. However, I had to come to the realization that Abba Father knows best and in order for me to win with triumph another alternative would never work. At times the truth can really hurt, but in the end God will intentionally turn things around and work it out for the good of those who love Him.

17.) Traveling is one my greatest medicine.

Not only when on the highway, but when high in the sky, away from the horrific sounds of police cars, ambulances and firetrucks, I always feel in tune with God. As if we are having a one-on-one in-depth conversation . After treating myself on a round trip to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday, I discovered what makes me truly happy is traveling. I believe it is imperative that you know what makes you happy and stick with it, for it will truly become one of your greatest medicines.

18.) Love the Journey.

There where many times last year I wanted to give up an throw in the towels because of my flesh. I wanted to just allow the enemy to just win one time. However, I didn’t because the Holy Spirit inside of me wouldn’t allow me to. You see, as a living breathing child of the Almighty God, during this lifetime you will go through various trials and tribulations, but in James 1 he encourages us believers to count it all joy for God is providing us with patience. So, just as stated, love the journey. Enjoy your life. Enjoy the struggles, changes, challenges, hardships, and joys of it all for your journey is simply set to help you. Keep in mind that our God is a God of love. He cares very much about you, but He wants to see you grow.  You won’t regret it!

Well, that’s all folks. I truly prayer my life lessons were enlightening to you and helpful. If you have not, be sure to check out the previous sessions below:

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God Bless!

18 Lessons I Learned in 2018 Part 4

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  1. Wow, that was good eating for the mind, body, soul and most importantly…. the spirit, eagerly anticipating the 19 lessons learned in 2019!!!… True thing about the moms, they DO KNOW ( for the most part lol )… God ( Jesus ) resides in all of us and prayer is communication with the most high and that can be as simple as a 3 second Thank you acknowledgement or a 30 minute consultation of praise and worship session…. the Bible says, Pray without ceasing ( 1 Thess 5:16-18 ) so how do we do that?… that’s where relationship comes in, it’s just that simple and it’s CRUCIAL to study his word…. indeed, use your voice ( with wisdom & discernment)… change is good, GROWTH MEANS CHANGE!…. I totally agree with your traveling medicine mindset, that’s so awesome…I have my methods but I definitely will travel more and yes, we must LOVE the Journey….it’s really a blessing….. this is really good stuff here, keep up the amazing work!